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From a spacecraft, the Brandberg is one of the most eye-catching circular features visible on Earth. The isolated massif of granite, with approximate dimensions of 26 by 21 km, rises more than 2000 m above the surrounding peneplain of the Namib Desert. The summit, named Königstein, at 2573 m above sea level is the highest elevation in Namibia. The reddish colour of the weathered granite surfaces led to its German name “burning mountain” as well as its original Damara name “Doreb” meaning a pile of ash. The Brandberg is a National Monument, and the main access is via the road from Uis leading to the “White Lady” rock painting in the Tsisab Gorge.


Brandberg is a hiking paradise.

You need a permit for all activities. 

Permission should be requested in writing from the

National Heritage Council Namibia (NHC).  

Mrs. Alma Nankeen:

Rock Climbing Orabes Kopf

Orabes face topo

Besides countless bouldering problems in the lower gorges, Orabes face is the only known rock climbing area at Brandberg. There are some awesome lines, trad and mixed. Best access through Goaseb gorge on the southern slope of the mountain.

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