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Aussenkehr - Orange River

Kings Throne Canyon (also great for cycling)

Overlooking the Orange River in southern Namibia, Aussenkehr is a fantastic climbing venue that’s well worth crossing the border for if you’re holidaying in the Northern Cape. The spectacular Kings Throne Canyon at Aussenkehr is also the largest table grape farm in the southern hemisphere. Permits, route guides and general advice on the area are available at the nearby Norotshama River Resort. Here you will also find campsites, riverside chalets, and a pub and restaurant.

There are currently some 30 bolted routes on hard, dolerite rock; many of which were opened by South African bouldering legend, Arjan de Kock. There are also numerous trad routes, both in Kings Throne Canyon and Quiver Tree Canyon. It’s a surreal place with the steep dark pillars and buttresses rising out of the bleak, sandy desert. The friction is great and you can park right at the base of the routes - this is sport climbing at its very best.

You will find the Aussenkehr route guide in the Spitzkoppe guidebook (last 13 pages)

Deep Water Soloing at the Orange River

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