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The highest mountain in Namibia is the Brandberg with a height of 2579 m above sea level with Moltkeblick (Auas range) at 2 480 m being the second highest. Other notable mountains of Namibia are: Bismarckfelsen (2419 m), Gamsberg - Namibia's Table mountain (2347m), Spitzkoppe (1 728 m).

The 1728m high Spitzkoppe is one of Namibia's most recognizable landmarks, rises mirage-like above the dusty pro-Namib plains of southern Damaraland. Its dramatic shape has inspired its nickname, 
the Matterhorn of Africa. It was first climbed in 1946, and is now popular with both local and foreign rock climbers. Beside the Spitzkoppe rise the equally impressive Pontoks,
which are comprised of enormous granite domes.
Camping spots are neat and safe. It's worth
 to spend 3 to 4 days there! 

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  Spitzkoppe and Pontoks; A Climber's Paradise

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Eros crag namibia climbing

Omandumba - Farm in the Erongo, Namibia
Tel.: +264 (0) 64 571086
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On Anibib, immediately next door and also in a romantic location, has recently opend up the Ai-Aiba Lodge. 20 luxurious bungalows, with a view of the Brandberg, offer a strong contrast to Omandumba. A swimming pool is at your disposial, also the guests of Omandumba are welcome. You can enjoy a sundowner on the terrace and stay for dinner. It is best to drive by car (approx. 15 min), from Omandumba, to walk back in the dark is not recommended. 
Tel: +264 (0) 64 570330
Fax: +264 (0) 64 570 557

In the climbing area Omandumba / Anibib climbing takes place since 1998. More than 100 routes, and many rock towers were developed and explored. Beautiful and difficult sport climbing routes are found primarily in the "Greek wall" and "Shadow wall". Otherwise, the area has been developed mainly in the free-climbing style. An adequate range of backup resources is essential. Among the most impressive peaks are the "Bismarck tower" and the "Sepp" with the "Franke Tower". The rock is hard granite, in the sunny side sometimes a little weathered, but otherwise of good quality. A variety of routes are secured with bolts, but particularly for the chink tours,(Rißtouren) a well-assorted range and wedge Rißklemmen (friends) of all sizes are appropriate. Most rocks have direction marks, "Abseileinrichtungen". One of the longest routes is the "Long Wall" at the "Klipspringerwand" by 7 lengths (330m). There are at Anibib / Omandumba an unbelievable amount of potential first ascents. Routes of difficulty 27 (UIAA IX) document the current level of performance. Also here nobody wants smeared walls, therefore away with the "Magnesiabeutel"!

The area is also ideal for hiking. One should, as anywhere in the country, take plenty of water. There are no marked trails on Omandumba. On Anibib, directly behind the lodge, a marked trail about a half hour leads through rocks to petroglyphs. This is especially recommended in the late afternoon.
On both farms hunting takes place, you should notify the owner of your daily plans. 

Another Climbing area is at Aussenkehr, 
on the Southern border of Namibia, about 50 km west (on the C13) of the Noordoewer border crossing to South Africa
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Arjan De Kock on 'Swing Both Ways' (19)
aussenkehr Namibia

NXS Traverse by Berrit Graff


Maarten and Roland on SW Wall Route (24) 
trad climbing (pitch 3)

Alex Honnold          

freed 'Nothing 
in Moderation' (25)  

Watersports (20)
Trad climbing by Roland and Evan
Spitzkoppe watersport

Climbing at Eros Crag (route maps below)

Eros crag

Omandumba Camping                    

    Aiaiba lodge                        

Willie Brink climbing at Aussenkehr, Namibia    
aussenkehr Namibia

Deep water soloing Aussenkehr, Namibia
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